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Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass III, Volume 141 - download pdf or read online

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Glass is still a fabric of serious medical and technological curiosity; notwithstanding, the commercial pressures at the glass undefined, the emphasis on worldwide markets, and the global realization to power and environmental conservation proceed to extend. Forty-seven papers supply new ideas to the demanding situations of glass production, rather as they pertain to melting and forming.Content:

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These are: the cumulative heat flux crossing the furnace lining, and the heat flux from the combustion space into the basin. , the batch). , of a given batch melted in a specific furnace, and to anticipate the effects of any parameter changes like: pull rate, batch composition, flame emissivity, ratio of heat recovery, etc. in a quantitative way. INTRODUCTION The conventional glass melting process is a continuously operated hightemperature process converting a batch of raw materials into a workable melt.

38 (1965) nr. 4, pp. H. Doremus: "Diffusion of oxygen from contracting bubbles in molten glass," J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 43 (1960), pp. 655-661 58 L. Nemec: "Diffusion-controlled dissolving water vapor bubbles in molten glass," Glass Technol. 10 (1969), pp. 176-181 Table I. 05 20K/min 1575 K 0 or 10 ml/min 1700 K lK/min 20K/min 2K/min Bubbling during 60 minutes Fining during 75 minutes secondary fining Table II. 36 % C0 2 in bubble 40-90 95 35-50 * >50% helium ** very low pressure Not analyzed Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass III Advances in Fusion and Processing ofGlass ΙΠ Edited by James R.

De Waal: "Mechanism of Oxygen Diffusion in Glass melts containing variable-valence ions," 7. Am. Ceram. Soc, 73 (1990), nr. , pp. 1857-61 *P. R. Laimböck: "Foaming of Glass Melts," PhD thesis Eindhoven University of Technology (1998), ISBN 90-386-0518-8 43 H. Müller-Simon: "On the interaction between oxygen, iron, sulfur in industrial glass melts," Glastech. Ber. Glass Sei. Technol. 67 (1994) nr. 11, pp. 297-303 U P. P. L. L. M. J. Shelestak: "Manufacturing of high performance flat glass by continuous vacuum refining (abstract)," Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass.

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