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By Arnold P. Goldstein (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0080171923

ISBN-13: 9780080171920

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But in their intrinsic properties as instruments for seeking truth one must immediately conclude that religion and art, in epistemological evaluation, lack the validity of the instrument which w e call scientific method. Science uses empirical exploration, along with checking of inferences, reached by an explicit logical syntax. This results in knowledge which is communicative and cumulative. All three share the use of cognitive intuition, in some of their 28 Three G a t e w a y s to the Understanding of Life phases; but religion and the arts use, in addition, emotional intuition and the concept of emotional truth.

Several comments by the present writer, here similarly offer only the experience not the documented proofs of a senior psychologist. In the social sciences, unless new safeguards for separating personal from objective research conclusions are deliberately and explicitly introduced, contamination by propagandist values will become a perennial, insidious and deadly danger. 38 T h e Origins of Present Uncertainty and Confusion The danger is not only that politicians and private institutions with axes to grind will find tame or corruptible social scientists to support their positions.

A modern writer such as Julian Huxley takes these values for granted, indeed, he is explicit that he is doing so. But when he and the many followers in this line write on the social applications of science, they are in fact importing in their parcel many of the values of revealed, dogmatic religion. , Humanism with science, its neighbor in the same academic groves, actually makes the contraband all the harder to detect. The presence of the hidden intuitive ingredient in what claims to be rational, comes to the surface when, as not infrequently happens, writers like Huxley and Russell disagree.

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