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Download e-book for iPad: A Manual of Petrology by Frederic Phillip Mennell

By Frederic Phillip Mennell

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Often dull is 5$. 6. fresh, is and clouded, Readily colourless especially along cleavage cracks. Seldom shows crystal outline cleavage perfect, parallel to the prism (no), a less perfect parting parallel to the prism (100) is also noticed at times. R. I. 55). interference tints reaching well into the second order. ; It varies considerably, however, according to composition, from moderate in the soda-bearing to very strong, in the most lime-bearing varieties. Gives straight extinction Occurs in crystalline (parallel to the cleavage traces).

I. R. usually strong and positive, but somewhat variable. Occurs in certain granites and their offshoots, also in ; the adjacent contact rocks, and in sands, from them. , derived A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 36 Ilmenite. FeOTiO 2 Hexagonal. Attacked by hot HC1 and H 2 SO 4 H = 5J . 5. if frequently partly alteration of ilmenite some, altered into leucoxene. The times commences on the margin and proceeds inwards until all traces of the original mineral have disappeared. In other cases it proceeds along two sets of parallel planes Ilmenite intersecting at angles of 60 and 120 degrees.

Australia. X 60 diam. haematite, in rhombohedral or tabular forms ; skeleton Frequently granular, often in very crystals are common. Plane of parting parallel to irregular branching forms. the rhombohedral faces, becoming more strongly marked A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 37 through decomposition, as the leucoxene to which it gives rise extends most readily along this plane. I. extremely high. Common in the more basic igneous rocks, and also " occurs in certain schists, etc. Abundant in the black sand " of many alluvial deposits.

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A Manual of Petrology by Frederic Phillip Mennell

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