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By Thomas Block

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This unsettling booklet reports particular circumstances of “holy battle” as proposed within the holy books of the key religion traditions, and illustrates how bellicose, war-like language is used to provide an explanation for the religious quest. the writer proposes that this intermingling of struggle and spirituality prepares the inhabitants for the arrival of warfare. warfare as non secular perform seems to be inevitable, because of this religio-violent schooling that is woven via all religion traditions. The institutional mixing of the sacred and human aggression seem to be basic to human society. the second one portion of the e-book particularizes this dynamic inside of our modern, American social and political milieu. It concentrates at the political language and speeches of yank politicians in view that 2002, following the run-up to the Iraq warfare and its continuation during the last decade, exhibiting precisely how this mystical/war conflation permeates American society. This publication has huge strength readership, together with teachers and lay readers excited about the fields of warfare, political technology, peace and clash solution, faith, spirituality and common social background. scholars from West element to St. John’s of Annapolis will locate it tough and informative, possibly altering their notion of conflict, faith and human society

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Early in Grecian civilization, dating back to Crete (c. ), the blood-thirst of the gods was satisfied by human sacrifice. E. ) provided a first-person account of a human sacrificial ritual. He related that a man was chosen on account of his ugliness and was fed figs and other delicacies. After this, he was whipped with a fig branch on his membrum virile. He was then burned and his ashes scattered in the sea. Other eyewitness accounts portray the Pharmakos (scapegoat, or healing object) as being simply driven out of the community after a period of humiliation and whipping.

And the problem is not that the people are taking the passages out of context. They are simply reading religious texts literally. While gentler souls seek to defuse violence by asking followers of individual religious paths to “look beneath” the literal text for a second, more spiritual meaning, the fact of the matter is that religious scriptures offer some of the most perverse, violent, hateful imagery ever written — and often link this violence to the will of God. War and the State With the inclusion of the state in this human dynamic, mass murder, religion and the myth of the nation as a paternal, God-like structure come together to create the unbreakable hold of war on society.

Succinctly put, there is just not enough of God to go around. According to the Abrahamic tradition, God first gave His Covenant to Ishmael through Abraham and Hagar (Genesis 16). He then withdrew It and gave it to Isaac via Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 21). There was not enough “God” for both Ishmael and Isaac, so a choice had to be made. 16 Chapter One: War Some time later, Christianity claimed God’s promise (through Jesus) and 600 years after that, Muhammad revealed that both Judaism and Christianity had forfeited their right to the Covenant, and claimed the mantle of God.

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