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1001 celestial wonders as observed with home-built - download pdf or read online

By Charles Edward Barns

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CL 1410f. 064016 Vis. bin. 5. IX= 7",5. Per. 49,3y. Par. 91y, Spc, Ao. 56, and brightness, 30 X Sun. Weight. I ton per cubic inch I Eddington. Inconceivably high velocity in space, yet has moved only the lVoon's breadth since the time of Ptolemy. Surface temp. 18,000°F Were it as close to us as our Sun, it would consume the earth instantly' But the "white dwarf" companion to Sirius presents the SUpreme celestial paradox. 000 times water; and surface gravity, 35000 Earth·s. A man 01' this eigJ--th-mag.

0 f t h e V Irgm, . b egmnmg . h ere, h 0 ld s more The constellation nebulae than any equal area in the northern heavens. 8. A gem, almost on the Ecliptic. ijE AMATEUR . ' We in this generatIon no longer despIse the amateur. \Ve are much beholden to him. To the amateur in art, music and enee we are indebted far beyond our ability to repay for rations of indifference, hindrance and ridicule. Take phophy for instance. ut of the press and widening immeasurably the horizoIJ ~ur earning:; it has brought the iOfinitely great and the intelf little Into the compass of man's appreciation; It has de Itself an indispensible ally of nine·tenths at our arts and cel, and all our industries.

Dist. Three faint neb, in vicinity. A line drawn from ~ thru C1. L'rs. , points to Pole Star. NO "LAST WORD" IN ASTRONOMY. [R; C 30 RACO: Hl79 101073 Neb. 1 I I \ $550454(115)0252015/05 ;>0' See •• Abbrevia tions.. , Etc. idule \Vest, one iI, Boston and the third in San Francisco, gave three different estimates of the distance of Polaris. One placed it at seventyfive light· years, the second at ninety, and the third at one hun· dred and fifty. 074, which corresponds to a distance of forty-four light-years, plus.

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1001 celestial wonders as observed with home-built instruments by Charles Edward Barns

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